Friday, 25 May 2012

This Weeks Wind-up

Weekend is here...

Ducks in the Inlet
And it's a long weekend for my USA friends down south! Woohoo lucky you guys!

This week has cruised by quickly but luckily so. We are in the final stages of buying a new townhouse! Exciting times! My bf's parents are buying one 6 doors down and his sister is buying the one next to us. This is a great plan as in the coming years the family will need to be around to help his dad with his progressing Parkinson's and supporting his mom. We are very fortunate to have close family on his side and my side. Does anyone have a family member dealing with Parkinson's? It's an interesting-surprising disease.

  • I came across a crate full of artichokes at the market the other day but passed on them as I didn't have any new ideas on how to prepare them. Here is a great way.

  • With Rhubard in season this would be a perfect dessert after a sunny day.

  • So travel, get lost, stray off the beaten path and who knows, you might just find yourself! -Rucha Sarma. Her view of how rewarding travel can be for people.
Have a wonderful weekend! and Happy Memorial Day!


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