Thursday, 11 July 2013

New to Yoga

I've found something new for me and I absolutely adore it! It's Yoga!

Yoga for Starters - Namaste
Over the past few years I've tried yoga here and there but always found it to be a challenge. Not physically but mentally. Stuck in my head were the thoughts "is this almost over" , "ugh, I hate being told what to do", and "I should be doing ____ instead of yoga right now". All these caused me to become irritated with yoga.

I couldn't understand how people developed this intense love for yoga. I tried giving it a shot at home but nope.. again easily distracted and left it behind until. Until recently when I was adamant about meditating every morning for at least 15minutes. This helped me become grounded (being in the present moment), control my breathing and set intentions for the day. My days became a lot more in the moment and less worrying about the past and future.

One day I saw that one of our local yoga studios (I live in the Vancouver area- there's lots!), Kushala offered an early morning class. I'm a morning person and am truly willing to try new things early on in the day so I thought I'd give it yet another shot. I walked out of the class thinking "hmm, that was different and I like it". Putting it out there and wanting more, the universe gave me a kind nudge and gift. Kushala Yoga had a deal for the summer - 2 months unlimited for a cheap price. Okay, I got the hint and I snagged the deal.

It's been 11 days since and I'm so in love with Yoga! My days are so much calmer. When stressful situations arise I don't react as I would have a month ago. My body is transforming into a long lean working power house that holds my found again spiritual side. I'm being challenged to try new things at my classes and I'm actually taking the risks. My thinking is going deeper into my true self and I'm wanting to express my true self to the world, accept me as I am. My posture when I do other exercises or even sit/stand has improved (my core is building). There are so many benefits that are naturally adding up after each class.

I'm aligned again and looking forward to the rest of my summer yoga journey. I will give you all an update on the rest of the yoga journey in September.

*Side note: Lululemon has come out with a great app that locates the nearest yoga studio near you and what their schedule is. Check it out here: Lululemon Om Finder

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