Scott & Michelle Kennedy

For too long I watched my family and friends suffer from preventable cancer and diseases. Yet, my passion to educate my community, family and friends about prevention exploded one day when my mom had come out of a doctor's appointment and proclaimed "Michelle, I will never give cancer a chance to live in my body again! I will never feed my body junk food. There's no reason for anyone to have to go through this". That was it, I was done sitting around, watching helplessly, I was going to find a way to reach people and provide all the knowledge I could about basic nutrition, cold pressed juices, healthy foods and how to limit the foods that makes us sick. 

That's where WildRoots Juice took form. We believe that food is our medicine! Healing from the inside out. Getting back to your Wild Roots.

Tracy (mom) & Michelle
In 2002 my mom was diagnosed with cancer in her neck. After a few operations to remove the cancer it was learnt that the cancer had spread to her lungs as well. Watching her go through the chemotherapy and radiation was a complete eye opener for me. I was in absolute shock of the poison that my mom was being put through. It was killing her in front of my eyes. In 2009 she was finally given the good news that her cancer looked like it was no longer there. 

In 2012 I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York) and it was the same year we found out my mom’s cancer had returned. My worst fear had come true because there was no more radiation allowed, she was left with chemotherapy and drugs to treat her cancer. It was different this time though as we knew so much more about holistic health and how she could help shrink the tumors by eating clean & healthy. I prescribed her lots of green juices and smoothies to aid in her fight. Her tumors shrunk at a great speed and we both believe this was due to her new healthy lifestyle. 

The idea for WildRoots, and its possibilities, began to grow more after countless times of searching for healthy vegetarian lunch options only to find sugar, preservative and fattening filled foods. There was an imminent need for healthy organic juice that could transform people’s health and at the same time be convenient. So many people try and be healthy, change their diets and start fresh - and sadly fail, because they often do not have time to prepare every meal or juice at home. WildRoots’ goal is to change this for people. We want to offer healthy juices in convenient locations - allowing each and everyone of us to keep their bodies healthy and live life to the fullest.

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