Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Review: Dog Photography

I got a little sneeky this weekend!

Meeka & Kailey
I've been taking my dogs to Uptown Dog (dog daycare) for years now. There I met an incredible person, Kelley. She recently opened up her own business on the side doing outdoor dog photography named Mutts Be Loved.  My mom had wanted to schedule a session with Mutts Be Loved before she was diagnosed with cancer but once the treatment started and the costs for medications came into effect there just wasn't room in our budget for a photo session. Kelley contacted me earlier this week and wanted to surprise my mom with a photo session with our dogs.

Kelley was incredible with the dogs and did an absolutely amazing job. She picked them up from my house and took Meeka & Kailey (our dogs) out to a couple parks and trails and began her camera magic. She quickly got the photos edited and we were able to print some out to surprise my mom with them on Sunday. My mom had no clue this surprise was coming except that I kept confirming with her that we were having coffee at 1pm exactly so she thought something was off (silly me). Kelley presented them to her and she instantly started to cry.... and of course made the rest of us tear up. It truly touched our hearts how thoughtful it was of Kelley to do this for my mom. Every bit of happiness and positivity added to her day will make a difference. Seeing those incredible pictures of her dogs will add a smile to her face all the time.

It's beautiful the affect animals can have on our wellbeing. A simple touch to a dog can calm your heart rate and bring a softness to your own body. My mom has told me that Kaily & Meeka have been an important part of her healing process. They've been there for her during the rough nights of being sick and they lean up against her when she needs a hug. Now when I'm babysitting them and she's missing them she can look at these pictures too.

Thanks again Kelley! - Mutts Be Loved (facebook page)



  1. We, too are frequent visitors to Uptown Dawg...the girls there are amazing and our golden boy just loves Kelley!..great photos the 'poochies'..Kelley does amazing photography!

  2. That's awesome Sue! They are incredible with dogs and especially Kelley. I've never seen Kailey's butt wag so fast when she sees Kelley.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  3. hey Michelle, boo weird comment generator! i can't believe it didn't send you my love note. totally not impressed and sure hope this one makes the grade!!

    i'd commented on your milk post cos it really repped my own beliefs but what i wrote in now lost. it said something about how great your insights are and also how tripped out i am about many young girls "chest" size coming into their teens. it wasn't like that when i grew up and honestly i think it's the extra hormone consumption, really scary!

    anyways, i much prefer puppehs!!!!!! omg, you have no idea but the boyf is slowly getting conditioned with time to make it happen for us. another fur baby could be on the horizon and if so i'd be happiest!!!!

    um. "mutts be loved" is the BEST name ever!!!! how cute and necessary a profesh photo of your beloved is. your 2 are so sweet!

    i actually have warm tears crescenting right now. i wasn't aware your mom was diagnosed with cancer - i'm so sorry and send many blessings to you both. both my mom and dad have been there too, my mom's still here though. she's strong and i hope with all my heart that your mom will win this battle!!! how does someone type that in a comment space to someone they don't really know. well, it happens and it brings people closer just because it's so real. i bet your mom looks at you every day as her light in the darkest tunnel. only love matters, full stop. xo

  4. It was weird because I could read your whole comment in the email form but it didn't show up on the actual comment section in the blog. I'm thinking of switching back to just the regular blogger comment form.
    It is scary how many of the natural hormones we digest because of the majority of cows being pregnant while being milked. The things we just don't think about until someone teaches us and then it's like "duh - no doubt". I can't believe the size of the chests on girls growing up and now I know why.
    Another fur baby.... Oh exciting! Good luck with getting the BF on board ;) . What an awesome name hey! I'm currently trying to come up with a name for my health coaching business and I keep thinking about her business name and it's gotta be somewhat cool like that.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I couldn't imagine losing a parent. I'm glad to hear that your mom is strong and well. Thank you for beautiful well wishes. She's going to kick this things butt, again. As she puts it "I did it once, twice and now I'll do it again". You are incredibly right, Love is the ONLY thing that matters. No money or material things could bring me the happiness and fufillment I receive from the love of the people around me.


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