Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Just Breathe

With each stress piling onto another I felt my shoulders rise a little higher. Ever felt that tension?
I definitely can tell when the pressure or stress is getting to much for me. Any little physical pain sends me on irritated rampage on anyone in site. It it makes me extremely upset to be like that because I truly strive to be positive and filled with joy.

I stopped yesterday when I could feel the irritation and tears start rising and thought "what am I not doing?". Not too add more pressure to myself but to examine my daily routine. The funny thing is that in times when you need a practice, routine or self love is when you avoid it at all costs. Saying that you "don't have time" or "I should be doing...... not this". When in reality that self love is what will help heal your soul, calm your stress and allow you to achieve so much more. I have clients who know how amazing and fulfilled they would feel if they just went for a small walk but instead find any justification why they shouldn't. They finally give in and are elated with the aftermath.

What was I denying myself? Meditation. Each day I would remind myself that it would be beneficial to sit down in the morning to meditate. Even if it was just 5 or 10 minutes, but morning after morning I skipped right past that lonely meditation pillow and added another binding stress to myself. So last night I stopped talking about it and just took a step. Small but immediate, I sat down and listened to a guided mediation. I wasn't ready to do it on my own yet so I received help from a guide. After 10 minutes I got up and felt I had finally stretched through "something". Today I sat down again and just breathed. Letting it all go. Gently my shoulders relaxed and a smile grew on my face. Tomorrow I will do it again and break away the built up tension that is getting in my way of happiness, positivity and adventure.

One small step at time. Just breathe. It will all work out.

What are you denying yourself that you know would make the world of difference in your life? Or how are you enjoying self love?

I'd love for you to share.

Holistic Health Coach

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pink Kicker Juice Recipe

Here's an awesome tasting juice recipe that I created this week. I wanted it to help prevent colds, good for your blood and help prevent bad cell growth. The best part of this juice is that it's super easy and refreshing to drink. No need to guzzle this one down. It actually tastes pretty similar to a tomato cocktail. I call it the "Pink Kicker" as it helps kick those nasty bad cells in your body to the curb and it's just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The grapefruit and tomato in the juice both contain large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants that help keep your immune system running smoothly. Grapefruit and tomato also contain a very lovely thing called Lycopene which helps lower your risk of several different kinds of cancer and also helps stop cancer cells from spreading or growing.

The beets in the juice contain high amounts of antioxidants. They help detox the body and provide anti-inflammatory support. There are several vitamins and minerals found in beets as well. Beets are rich in anthocyanins, the pigment that makes the beet red, and is responsible for the repair and protection of DNA in the body. 

Pink Kicker Juice Recipe 
One large grapefruit 
One large tomato 
Half red apple 
One medium beet 
Beet greens from the beet


Holistic Health Coach 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

6 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

I am so happy today! Want to know why?
I finally got some sleep last night! Woohoooooo
 Beware of Sleep Disturbers! 

I usually sleep really well. Like hit the switch and I'm out kinda sleep. The last couple days though were out of my control. We are babysitting a year old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and have had some troubles getting him to sleep through the night. Yesterday I seriously thought I was going to fall asleep during yoga class standing up or absolutely lose it on someone.

This got me thinking about how precious our sleep time is to our bodies, mind and soul. I have lots of clients who come to me for help with their sleep. Today I thought I would share the risks of not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep and 6 ways you can get to sleep better and stay asleep.

First the risks of not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep:

  • Brain Function: without a good sleep your mind does not function the same. You have poor concentration and you are unable to memorize new things. A little slow today?
  • Mood & Stress: just think of those grumpy toddlers who didn't sleep through the night. We haven't changed. You might notice you have those same type of temper tantrums but just in a grown up way. A little snappy at some poor innocent person at the office?
  • Metabolism & Weight: When we don't get enough sleep our whole body starts to go backwards. Your metabolism slows down and you start storing carbohydrates and fat differently. This leads to weight gain.
  • Disease Risk: When our bodies are running on low fuel it brings down our immune system. This puts us at risk for viruses, flu and higher risk for abnormal cell growth. 

6 Way to Get a Better Sleep:

  1. Eating Time: Try not to eat anything at least 2.5 hours before bed. Food is fuel for our bodies. If we eat something we are telling it to start the engines. Start moving! That's not what we want our bodies to be doing while we are trying to close our eyes. Mixed signals!
  2. Fluids: Just like food, water or any fluid is also fuel for our bodies. I try to avoid drinking an hour before bed.
  3. Electronics: Turn that tv, cell phone, computer and anything with a bright screen off an hour before bed. The flashing and brightness confuses our brains. Our brains are thinking "If it's night time than why is there bright light and motion going on? Must be daytime... Keep awake!". Can we say mixed signals once again?
  4. Journal: If I've had a really active day and my mind is racing I like to journal it all out on paper. Get it out of my mind and let there be space for silence. This is also a great time to do some gratitude journaling which helps calm your nerves.
  5. Breathing: Lay on your back and close your eyes. Start by observing your belly rise and fall in a natural way. Then notice your breathe start to slow down. If your mind wanders off just bring it back with ease and let that thought float away like a cloud. Let your body melt into the bed with each exhale. Continue...
  6. Goodnight Yoga: Tara Stiles has a great yoga routine for bedtime. Relaxing and for all levels.

Do you have great sleep tip you would like to share? Leave it in the comments below and I may share it with our Facebook followers as well. 

Sleep well!

Holistic Health Coach

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Vega One Starter Kit & Colada Smoothie Recipe

As a health coach I come across a lot of people who don't know how to incorporate more protein into their diets. Especially when they are super busy working out, being parents and working on their careers. I'm a huge fan of Vega Plant Based Protein Powder and recommend it to all my clients! Not only does it provide 15g of protein into one package but it also includes a whole list of added benefits such as:
Vega One Starter Kit
  • 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals
  • 6g of fibre
  • 1.5g of Omega-3's
  • 3 servings of Greens
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
It's perfect for on the go (shake n drink) or if you are looking to create a delicious smoothie for breakfast or lunch. Super bonus for me is I can recommend it to my clients who have food sensitivities as it's gluten free, soy free, dairy free and no sugar added.

Well Vega has made it easy for my clients to try out the flavors. They have introduced the Vega One Starter Kit that includes:
  • 2 Packages of Chocolate Vega One 
  • 2 Packages of French Vanilla Vega One
  • 1 Package of Berry Vega One
  • Tips & Recipe Brochure 
5 days worth of shake goodness for you to try!
I was so happy to see this new product that I decided to create a new smoothie recipe for the occasion.


Choco Banana Colada Smoothie Recipe

1 frozen Organic Banana
1/2 cup of Organic Pineapple
1/2 cup of Coconut Water
1/2 cup of Almond Milk
1 Package of Chocolate Vega One 

Blend well and drink up!

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Monday, 23 September 2013

New Season • New You (Health Program)

*Sigh...  Summer has come to an end and it's time to face reality once again. I know how busy people get during the summer months. Trying to cram 3 get togethers into every Saturday and Sunday during the Summer. There's little or no time to think about your healthy lifestyle or exercise. Although we are outdoors more often, the multiple potato salads outweigh the effort we put in.

That's why I thought a 3 Month Fall Program would do the trick to get you back into shape. Whether you didn't achieve your Summer health goals, looking to lose some baby weight and want guidance getting there or you just want to shape up for the winter parties coming up... this program has something for everyone! The Fall Program is infused with positivity. I'm ready to help you achieve those goals you've been humming and hawwing about. There's no better time than now! (cliche but true).

This program can be done in person or via skype (free yoga class not included in skype package). The  program keeps you accountable for your health and the once a week sessions keep you on track to success.

The initial health consultation is complimentary as it's a time for us to go over your health history, current health and all the goals you have planned for yourself. This is also a great time for us to see if we work well together.

Email or message me today to book your initial health consultation.

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Friday, 13 September 2013

Think Arete - If You Weren't Afraid

Happy Friday! I wanted to share something that floated into my inbox this morning. I thought it would be a great way for everyone to start their weekends. Maybe even a few of you won't return to that 9-5 job that doesn't agree with your soul on Monday morning ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget to pursue your happiness and LOVE your life and everyone in it!

thinkAreté.theManifesto  |  by Brian Johnson
What would you do if you weren't afraid? 
 So...uh...what exactly are you waiting for?
 This isn't a dress rehearsal...
 Wake up!
 Here's the deal: What we can be, we MUST be.
 There's no getting around that one.
 So, turn off your TV. Put down your drink. Get off the medication.
 Quit numbing yourself. The pain's not going away.
 Not until you Think Areté.
 Think Areté?
 Gandhi got it. Einstein got it. Mother Theresa got it.
 Tiger gets it. Gates gets it. Oprah gets it.
 The Greeks got it.
 Get this: Guys like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle said that if you want happiness you better live with Areté--a word that literally means virtue or excellence but has a deeper meaning...something closer to “constantly striving to reach your highest potential.”
 How beautiful is that? It was one of the highest ideals of Greek culture.
 It should be one of ours.
 Tragically, it's not.
 We seem to be more interested in resumes, accolades and 401k's.
 Speaking of retirement...
 Who came up with that? Work our asses off doing something we're not passionate about so we can accumulate enough money to pay the bills from our stress-caused illnesses while we bitch about what we should have done when we were still young.
 Hmmm...can't quite figure that one out. Seems like it makes a bit more sense to go ahead and dare to live now...
 Why not Think Areté?
 Live to your highest potential--moment to moment to moment.
 Not in the mood?
 Fine. Then live with regret, anxiety, and disillusionment.
 Your call.
 Think about it. When do we feel most alive?
 Exactly. When we're being ourselves--our highest selves.
 You want happiness?
 Think Areté.
 Dream. Grow. Stretch yourself.
 Rip off the tie. Jump out of the cubicle.
 Dream. Think. Dare to be crazy.
 What are you waiting for?
 Think Areté.
 Live. Love. Smile. Hug. Laugh. Dream. Do. Create.
 Have fun. Be intense. Be audacious. Be unreasonable. Act impeccably. Breathe.
 Be you. Be different. Get paid to do what you love. Dance in your underwear on your way to work...
 Why not?
 Ditch the tie. Escape the cube. Leave the 8-5. Trash the resume.
 Ignore the critics. And the cynics. Burn the corporate ladders. Laugh at the ceilings.
 Quit the bitching. Open your mind. End the laziness. Overcome the fear. Transcend the conditioning...
 Why not?
 Move the world.
 Change the world.
 Push the human race forward.
 Whatever you call it, go out and do it.
 Not when you have enough money or once you do this or do that. That's nonsense.
 It's not gonna be easy, but go out and live your dream. Now.
 You deserve it.
 And, if that doesn't move you: The world deserves it.
 Think Areté.

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Graphic Source:

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Road to Recovery

I'm not much for sitting around and so when an injury strikes I have to learn how to deal with it.
About 3 weeks ago I was out hiking with Scott and we took along our friends dog as we were babysitting the cute fella. He's a really big and strong dog (rhodesian ridgeback) and while we were going along my foot slipped out from underneath at the same time he pulled to smell a tree. I fell HARD! I was slow to get up but I thought it was only my leg and thumb that suffered the most. A couple days later I could barely stand up and I couldn't sit down. I finally gave in and sent myself to the chiropractor only to find out there that I had a sprained pelvis! Who gets a sprained pelvis?!

First day back on the trails with Keena
A sprained pelvis can get quite annoying as you find out quickly that you use it a lot. I couldn't jog, do intense yoga or even sit to use my laptop. I kept pushing myself to stretch into the activity and I was determined I could make it work. This idea was stupid and I was not getting better. I had to learn that with any injury you must take the time to let it heal itself. There was nothing I could do to make it heal faster and being someone who is impatient, this drove me nuts. Not having control of things is the most challenging thing for me in life.

After having a minor meltdown one day, I gathered myself back together and informed myself that I needed to be gentle with myself. Would I be so stubborn, aggressive and unloving to a friend who suffered a fall or injury? NO! so why was I allowed to beat myself up? I'm not allowed. So I took a couple days where I just laid on my bed and read or surfed my phone. I took a longer walk each day and could see some improvement. I was being gentle, finally.

I tried challenging myself last week to see if I got take it up a notch but I'm not quite there and instead of pushing myself I took a step back and asked what I could do right now to just keep the healing going. Small steps will help me get to my main goal of being back to my healthy strong self.

Are you being rough on yourself for something out of your control? How can you take small steps to help the recovery process instead of feeling stuck?

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Thursday, 11 July 2013

New to Yoga

I've found something new for me and I absolutely adore it! It's Yoga!

Yoga for Starters - Namaste
Over the past few years I've tried yoga here and there but always found it to be a challenge. Not physically but mentally. Stuck in my head were the thoughts "is this almost over" , "ugh, I hate being told what to do", and "I should be doing ____ instead of yoga right now". All these caused me to become irritated with yoga.

I couldn't understand how people developed this intense love for yoga. I tried giving it a shot at home but nope.. again easily distracted and left it behind until. Until recently when I was adamant about meditating every morning for at least 15minutes. This helped me become grounded (being in the present moment), control my breathing and set intentions for the day. My days became a lot more in the moment and less worrying about the past and future.

One day I saw that one of our local yoga studios (I live in the Vancouver area- there's lots!), Kushala offered an early morning class. I'm a morning person and am truly willing to try new things early on in the day so I thought I'd give it yet another shot. I walked out of the class thinking "hmm, that was different and I like it". Putting it out there and wanting more, the universe gave me a kind nudge and gift. Kushala Yoga had a deal for the summer - 2 months unlimited for a cheap price. Okay, I got the hint and I snagged the deal.

It's been 11 days since and I'm so in love with Yoga! My days are so much calmer. When stressful situations arise I don't react as I would have a month ago. My body is transforming into a long lean working power house that holds my found again spiritual side. I'm being challenged to try new things at my classes and I'm actually taking the risks. My thinking is going deeper into my true self and I'm wanting to express my true self to the world, accept me as I am. My posture when I do other exercises or even sit/stand has improved (my core is building). There are so many benefits that are naturally adding up after each class.

I'm aligned again and looking forward to the rest of my summer yoga journey. I will give you all an update on the rest of the yoga journey in September.

*Side note: Lululemon has come out with a great app that locates the nearest yoga studio near you and what their schedule is. Check it out here: Lululemon Om Finder

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Health Product Review : Vega One Bar

I've been meaning to post this review of the Vega One Bar for a couple weeks now but I have been super busy and running around. This ties into why the Vega One Bar is so awesome - it's perfect for on the go!

I always love a good protein smoothie when I'm in need of nutrition after a good workout or just looking for a delicious meal replacement. There are times though that I don't feel like packing around my smoothie cup or I know I won't be heading home after for a fresh smoothie. I had been looking for a good nutrition bar that would actually be nutritious, plant based and at the same time taste good. I had been trying lots of them out but I found a majority of them had lots of preservatives, contained whey protein (I'm not a fan) or just plain simple didn't taste good.  To my lovely surprise one morning I had a glorious newsletter from Vega sitting in my inbox reading, "Introducing the new Vega All In One Bar"!

Jackpot!! No more searching! I was crossing my fingers, hoping that it tastes good because it lined up with all my other requirements. The results were in: OMG they taste good! So good that when I was running out the door and grabbed one I would forget to take a picture for you all. I'd get in the car and open it up and my fiance would be sitting next to me wanting a bite of it. Haha no sharing here (sorry babe). I've purchased many more since my first taste. Today I went to grab one from our local gluten free & vegan bistro - Chomp Vegan Eatery, to show you all a "live picture" and they we're sold out. The owner said they just can't keep them in stock. Now you know it's a good nutrition bar when you can't keep them stocked.

It's everything you love about a Vega One Nutrition shake now in a sumptuous, on-the-go bar. Yes, clean, plant-based nutrition. And guess what?! - It's dipped in chocolate! I loved that it was a thick coating of chocolate but just a nice "dipped ice cream cone" type covering. There are currently 3 flavours: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry, and Chocolate Almond. All were amazing and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the cherry flavour as I'm ususally not a cherry fan. It had nice plump chunks of cherry bites throughout the bar. This bar leaves you feeling satisfied and feeling good as it's also gluten free.

Want the facts?

       15 g protein
       6 g fibre, 24% daily intake
       1.5 g omega 3
       1 billion probiotics culture
       1 servings of greens

If you are looking for more information or to buy the Vega One Bar online : Click Here


Certified Holistic Health Coach

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Back To Basics - Roasted Vegetables

A common question I hear amongst my health coaching clients is "How do I incorporate more easy to make vegetables into my diet? So I thought I would share with you all my #1 solution  - Roasted Vegetables.
It's my go to dish during the fall and winter months and quickly adds a ton of veggies to any meal.
I will admit, I used to be intimidated by these roasted veggies until one day I had no choice to do it myself. Funny thing - It's crazy how easy this dish is to make! Toss in all different kinds of veggies like brussel sprouts, sweet potato, carrots, potato, yams, peppers, and for flavor onion & garlic. You can also add in half way through any softer veggies such as broccoli, zucchini and mushrooms.
Roasted Vegetables
Wash, Chop, Bake and Eat!
  1. Wash your veggies, give them a good cleaning.
  2. Chop them up into cubes, think baby blocks style. Be sure to that they are all relatively the same size. I like to cut the onion and garlic a bit smaller so the taste can really get in there.
  3. Throw everything into a casserole dish and drizzle olive oil all over. Add some sea salt and salt n pepper. Mix it all up.
  4. Cover with tin foil and bake at 400 degrees F for 50 minutes. Half way through - toss the veggies up a bit, cover again with tin foil and place back into the oven.
  5. Once they are done you should be able to place your fork through the vegetable without effort.
They make for great leftovers. There you go - lunch planned now too!
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Friday, 8 February 2013

Have You Checked Your Tongue Lately?

Have you looked in the mirror lately and stuck out your tongue? What color is it??
I know... sounds weird but your tongue is a great indicator of what is going on inside your body.
img via
A bright redish color may indicate that your insides are inflamed and you are needing to cool down. Maybe not just food wise cool down but maybe slow down in life too. If you've been feeling irritated, agitated or angry it might be time to change up your diet as something is not agreeing with you. Most often when I see that clients are a redish color I notice they've also been having too many spicy foods and consuming too many foods that they have a sensitivity/allergic too which causes a disturbance in their digestion tract. The coating of your tongue can indicate different situations in the body as well. A whitish coating on your tongue can indicate that your body isn't properly digesting food.

A healthy tongue is a light pinkish color, has a light clear coating, is moist and is able to move freely (not swollen). To keep a healthy tongue and body I recommend cleaning your tongue daily. This removes the toxins that have built up your tongue from the day and night. You can purchase a tongue scraper from most pharmacies or I recently learned that you can use the edge of spoon. It is important to scrape from the back of the tongue forward and do not scrape too hard (be nice to your tongue).

Keep those tongues healthy and CLEAN ! 

-Michelle Kennedy
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

3 Tips to Avoiding the Flu Bug

Eat Those Greens!
 Crossing my fingers, knocking on wood that I don't jinx myself by giving away my tips to avoiding the flu or catching the latest cold. I'll come clean... I haven't had a cold for 3 years! Really?! yes sirreee.

I follow these tips as soon as I start seeing people around me coughing, hacking or sneezing. That alarm goes in my head, time to go into the safe zone.

3 Tips to Avoiding the Flu or Cold Bug :

1.) Drink hot or warm water constantly during the day.
Our lymphatic system is the drains to our body. When these drains are clogged up the germs that we take in get stuck in our bodies. When germs are stuck in our bodies the body sends signals to fight these germs and that's when we start feeling sick. Keeping the body hydrated keeps the lymphatic system flowing smoothly and leaving your immune system in tact.

2.) At All Costs - Don't Touch Your Face!
Simple yet often forgotten by numerous people. It was found in a study that on average people touch their face up to 104 times in 3 hours. These germs can get into your system through your mouth, nose, and eyes. It's a quick route for those bugs.

3.) Eat Even Healthier!
During the flu season it's no time to decide to go off your healthy eating plan. It's time to bump it up instead. Keeping your immune system in working order is your main goal when trying to avoid the bug. Eating unhealthy and packaged food doesn't provide your body with proper nutrients. Try eating more vegetables, soups and lean protein so your body is ready to defend.

Good luck out there people!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Chemicals on Our Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and the most ignored when it comes to health. We don't realize how many chemicals our skin comes into contact each day. Through our skin these chemicals can go into our blood stream and over time can cause possible side effects. It's alway a good idea to be aware of what chemicals you are eating, drinking or putting on your body.

Mind Body Green posted a great infograph from The Daily Mail that shows the 515 chemicals women put on their bodies everyday. Hmm I wonder if it's a good time to start thinking about switching to organic shampoos, make-up and lotions? I know it's a tough habit to break but it seems we all should take a look at slowly introducing organic beauty products into our daily beauty rituals.

img via
Do you use organic beauty products? 


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

HHC in Women's Health Magazine

Did anyone see this in the December issue of Women's Health Magazine?

That's me, a Holistic Health Coach!
Health Coach featured in Women's Health Magazine

I can help you shed more than just pounds though. It's time to get rid of those lingering health problems or concerns of yours.

By the end of my 6 month program you will be feeling amazing!

Contact me if you'd like more information or visit my website at

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