Wednesday, 16 January 2013

3 Tips to Avoiding the Flu Bug

Eat Those Greens!
 Crossing my fingers, knocking on wood that I don't jinx myself by giving away my tips to avoiding the flu or catching the latest cold. I'll come clean... I haven't had a cold for 3 years! Really?! yes sirreee.

I follow these tips as soon as I start seeing people around me coughing, hacking or sneezing. That alarm goes in my head, time to go into the safe zone.

3 Tips to Avoiding the Flu or Cold Bug :

1.) Drink hot or warm water constantly during the day.
Our lymphatic system is the drains to our body. When these drains are clogged up the germs that we take in get stuck in our bodies. When germs are stuck in our bodies the body sends signals to fight these germs and that's when we start feeling sick. Keeping the body hydrated keeps the lymphatic system flowing smoothly and leaving your immune system in tact.

2.) At All Costs - Don't Touch Your Face!
Simple yet often forgotten by numerous people. It was found in a study that on average people touch their face up to 104 times in 3 hours. These germs can get into your system through your mouth, nose, and eyes. It's a quick route for those bugs.

3.) Eat Even Healthier!
During the flu season it's no time to decide to go off your healthy eating plan. It's time to bump it up instead. Keeping your immune system in working order is your main goal when trying to avoid the bug. Eating unhealthy and packaged food doesn't provide your body with proper nutrients. Try eating more vegetables, soups and lean protein so your body is ready to defend.

Good luck out there people!


  1. #2 is a HUGE one! Especially with the norovirus that is rampant right now and is fecal to oral transmission. Since having children I have gotten more colds and sickness than before. They cough in your face, sneeze in your space, their boogers somehow end up in your hair. It is not very glamorous!

  2. Eating super healthy is definitely key in building a strong immune system! Thanks for all the tips! I also LOVE drinking green smoothies at this time. It makes me feel strong like Popeye!

    Hope you're well, love! Just tweeted this lovely post too :)

    Cathy Trails


  3. oh my!! Sounds fun but I bet their cuteness trumps all that snot. lol

  4. Mmmm I love Green Smoothies. Have you tried the Vega Plant Based Protein powder yet? The natural flavor is amazing in smoothies.

  5. oh man, i wish some wood was physically attached on my forehead for this purpose alone! i coulda used your infinite wisdom a few weeks back when i went through a ravage of this flu bug. great article Michelle, super information to keep handy while moving "strategically" through this germ enhanced time. eeps!

    hope your id-week has hit a sweet spot and you'll be into the weekend blissful time soon enough too!


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