Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fitness Love : Nike Plus & Free Run - Running Shoe

I'm a huge gadget/techy geek at heart and I love finding the best app for anything.

Nike Free Run - LiveStrong Edition
I've had Nike Free Runs for a couple years now and I LOVE them! I never bothered to get the sensor to go in them to connect to my Iphone as I wasn't really into running for a while because of my problems with my back. Just in the past year my back has gotten tremendously stronger and it was time to start amping up my runs. It was also time to get my geek on!

Last week I went out and bought my Nike sensor and an arm band for my runs and hikes. Scott and I headed up for a hike/run at Buntzen and it was awesome to finally see our distance, speed and calories burned. It also got us reved up to push ourselves a little harder. The next time we went out we ended up doing 11km and accomplishing some major hills. This past Tuesday we were ready to beat our 1st time - Oh we nailed it! Our competitive nature has kicked in.

This app has got us wanting to get out more often, try new routes and push ourselves. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a workout app. It's interactive, you can see your results online and compare your efforts to the community.
Left: Large Hike Run - Right: Trail Run (time to beat)

Has anyone tried the Nike Fuel Band? I'm going to be downloading the running app tonight but afraid that it won't work while I'm running the trails that is out of cellular signal.



  1. this sounds awesome. ive been wanting to get it for a while now. do you need the shoes to have it? how does it work? i'd love to hear more about it. thanks for sharing. --mila from

  2. Hi Mila! I highly recommend you get it - well worth it. I can't believe how much it motivates you to keep going. You don't need the shoes to have the sensor device. They now have clips for the sensor to be attached to your running shoes. You do however need an ipod or iphone for the sensor to connect to the app. Apple has a great explanation of how it works here : .
    Have a great weekend!


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