Monday, 27 August 2012

Motivation for a Sleepy Monday

Yaaaaaaaawn! okay... enough of that. It's time to hit the street running and get energized for another week of so many possibilities and opportunities.

Here's some Motivation & Inspiration to get your week started!

In this world - there is NO ONE else LIKE YOU! You are one of a kind.

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No one talks like you
No one smells like you
No one listens like you
No one thinks like you
No one believes the same things as you
No one has the exact opinion as you
No one sees the world like you
No one remembers what you remember
No one loves the same way as you
No one can be you

Don't try to be someone else or act like someone else. You are beautiful and brilliant in your own way. No one can be like you.

Be The Best Version of YOU


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