Friday, 17 August 2012

Weekend Warm-Up : Mind, Body, Green

Welcome weekend... another one has arrived!
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Who's ready for the weekend? Me me ME!

Have you ever felt like everything is going wrong and there's no hope for changing it. I sure did on Monday and I'm lucky that I have learnt that I am the only one who can change my environment. My surroundings are only a reflection of what is going on inside me. I had to start by changing the constant negative chatter in my head. It was mostly feelings that were reved up by me creating stories to go along with them. I had to get it out. Oh and I did! I laid on the ground on my back in the middle of our living room and just let it ALL out. You know what happened? - I felt relieved! There was more space inside me for positive energy and emotions.

Think of it as wearing a backpack. If you fill your backpack with emotional negative heavy text books you end up walking around feeling miserable and unhappy. Dragged down and moving slowly from this baggage. So releasing these emotions into the air to disintegrate it left my backpack open to light loving experiences to come. I can now fill it with love notes, healthy tid bits and experiences that would bring me happiness. Doesn't that even sound lighter to you? I choose to be happy. Everyday you have the choice of what your day will be like. Do you choose to be happy?

One of my favourite sites is Mind, Body, Green. Here are some of my favourite posts from their site:

 Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Perfectly said.. it is so easy to dwell on the negative and focus on what we don't have that we forget to think about the positive.. thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks Hena! No problem on the reminder - glad I could be of some help. Gratitude is such an important part of life that we sometimes let slip to the bottom of our to-do lists. Have a great week!


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