Monday, 20 August 2012

Healthy Weight : Portion Sizes

I don't personally believe in counting calories or weighing food unless you are training for a fitness model competition. I believe all in moderation. Obsessing over food can become a bad habit and take you out of being in the moment.

Although, being aware of proper portion sizes is a key to eliminating over eating and weight gain. Or in some instances, being aware that you aren't eating enough. If you don't eat enough your body can go into "starvation mode" where it hangs on to every bit of food because it doesn't know when the next meal will be.

I'll be doing a series on proper portion sizes to give you a visual picture.
The first visual of the series is provided by FitSugar.

I was surprised by the following:
  • how many strawberries you can consume for 100 calories
  • one banana is 100 calories
  • how easy it is to consume 25-30 grapes which are 100 calories.
  • you realise that having a bowl of fruit on the counter which you take a couple pieces all day long can quickly add up and if you do keep track of calories, you might not even remember to track those calories.

via FitSugar

Do you keep track of calories or are you fairly good at knowing your portion sizes?
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  1. This is a fantastic chart and picture to showcase what 100 calories look like. Sometimes I forget that even healthy foods have portions ;) Thanks for sharing friend! Have a lovely Tuesday!

    Cathy Trails

  2. I'm the same - always forgetting that there can be too much of healthy foods. Hope you are having a lovely week


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