Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Road to Recovery

I'm not much for sitting around and so when an injury strikes I have to learn how to deal with it.
About 3 weeks ago I was out hiking with Scott and we took along our friends dog as we were babysitting the cute fella. He's a really big and strong dog (rhodesian ridgeback) and while we were going along my foot slipped out from underneath at the same time he pulled to smell a tree. I fell HARD! I was slow to get up but I thought it was only my leg and thumb that suffered the most. A couple days later I could barely stand up and I couldn't sit down. I finally gave in and sent myself to the chiropractor only to find out there that I had a sprained pelvis! Who gets a sprained pelvis?!

First day back on the trails with Keena
A sprained pelvis can get quite annoying as you find out quickly that you use it a lot. I couldn't jog, do intense yoga or even sit to use my laptop. I kept pushing myself to stretch into the activity and I was determined I could make it work. This idea was stupid and I was not getting better. I had to learn that with any injury you must take the time to let it heal itself. There was nothing I could do to make it heal faster and being someone who is impatient, this drove me nuts. Not having control of things is the most challenging thing for me in life.

After having a minor meltdown one day, I gathered myself back together and informed myself that I needed to be gentle with myself. Would I be so stubborn, aggressive and unloving to a friend who suffered a fall or injury? NO! so why was I allowed to beat myself up? I'm not allowed. So I took a couple days where I just laid on my bed and read or surfed my phone. I took a longer walk each day and could see some improvement. I was being gentle, finally.

I tried challenging myself last week to see if I got take it up a notch but I'm not quite there and instead of pushing myself I took a step back and asked what I could do right now to just keep the healing going. Small steps will help me get to my main goal of being back to my healthy strong self.

Are you being rough on yourself for something out of your control? How can you take small steps to help the recovery process instead of feeling stuck?

Certified Holistic Health Coach


  1. Very sorry to hear about your unusual injury! I got a strained groin last year, which, like you, I didn't even know was a thing! You're right, taking it easy is the only way :)

  2. Thanks Zoe! I hope everything is okay with you now :)

  3. Oh Michelle! Poor you! That sounds painful. I TOTALLY identified with your post here as I pulled my Achilles Tendon the week before last and it really knocked me sideways. I was beyond frustrated that I couldn't do anything that I enjoyed. Even Yoga was painful. I even went swimming, that was painful (kicking water with feet). So I just HAD to 'TIME OUT'.

    It came right at the time I was training for a 10k too and really doing well. Everything was going great and then BAMB. Ooops that didn't feel gooood!

    Thankfully, it is getting much better as I have allowed myself time to rest. I have filled my time with other hobbies I enjoy that I had put to one side, like painting, and drawing. Somethings that i have to sit still for.

    I can't wait to get back to the gym though. I am going crazy without my running and yoga :)

    I hope you make a speedy recovery too Michelle.

    All good wishes and love
    Angie x


  4. Oh my goodness Angie! Sorry to hear about your injury and especially right during your training time. Guess it wasn't meant to be for this year. I'm glad you are still able to enjoy you "slow motion" activities like painting.
    I guess it's the universe telling us to slow and take a minute. Full speed ALL the time isn't great for us. I wish you a speedy recovery but don't push it tho... I've definitely learned that.

    Oh and to add to my summer injuries .... I got bit on my hand by a small dog yesterday so yoga was interesting today. One handed downward dog lol.

    sending you lots of love and healing from overseas xo


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