Friday, 4 May 2012

Money Vs. Happiness

calm while at work

The choice between money and happiness can become a struggle in your life. A sort of tug of war in your own head. Do you choose to be happy or do you take the money and see what it can get you?

I've dealt with this struggle in many different formations. I had a great paying job but I felt like I was on the treadmill of life. Day in and day out the same thing. After I left that job of 9 years I dealt with conflict again when taking a new job. It was with a very well known company and high paying job but 3 days in I was crying and wanting to escape it all knowing I was falling into the same path as before. I could see that 9 years from then I would look back and say "why did I take this, again?!". So I did the hardest thing ever and left, even though I had no money in the bank and no job again.

I've realised that taking the "high paying job" or "recognised/sought after job" that doesn't provide an ounce of happiness to your life, can be trouble to your well being. I continued to look for another job and did not settle for anything that wouldn't allow me to pursue my passion after work. If you spend all day becoming drained of your precious energy, what energy will you have to give yourself after that day. There were times when I was at my "treadmill job" and only had energy to go for a walk with the dog, eat and then I would fall asleep on the couch. No energy even to spend with loved ones.

Sometimes it might even require you doing two jobs but if both those jobs leave you with some energy for afterwards, than it might be the best option for your happiness. Learning where energy is being drained and making some changes can benefit your mind, body and soul. I realised that my energy was being drained from my work at the time and I made the decision to make the change and find something that didn't take away my spark by the end of the work day. This left me feeling calmer, less stressed and happier.

I understand that everyone needs money to survive and we should always make sure that we pay the bills and have food on the table but when I was making good money, I didn't have the energy to enjoy that money. I was too drained from the work day to go out, socialize or even go on a vacation.
If you make room in your life for greater things it seems that possibilities are able to sneak in and excite you. It's like having a loser boyfriend and knowing he's not the right one but keeping him around (because it feels comfortable) till you find Mr.Right. Guess what, Mr. Right won't be able to show up in your life because you are putting out there that you have no room for him.

Make room for possibilities in your life!

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