Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday: Off On The Right Foot

Breakfast muffin at the cafe Divano - always a favourite!
 Intention for the week: Too feed my body and mind with bright and clean food.

This past weekend I let myself go on an all out bender on food which does not agree with me. Let's say there was some ice cream, more ice cream and maybe a couple pastries from the local cafe. I knew that this coming week I wanted to go very clean (eating wise). Almost like a spring clean up for myself so I let myself indulge in my favourite things. I don't always advise doing this but I had been craving some things that I knew would be still be haunting me while I eat clean. So cravings are gone and now my intention of the week is all that is running though my head.

What's your intention for this week and weekend?

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