Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weekend Summary: Canada Day & Celebrations

This past weekend we crammed a whole bunch of activities into one weekend. Even though we were really busy it felt like it went enjoyably smooth and relaxing. I wanted to share my awesome weekend with you all.

It started on Friday when I got the opportunity to babysit my dogs (Bernese Mountain Dogs) while my mom enjoyed a lovely evening out with the girls. There was lots of cuddling go on with me and the dogs. Even though it was warm out I convinced them to cuddle. This picture is of them watching us eat on the patio. They look like they've never been fed! Which is the total opposite.

Amazing Strawberry Buckwheat Crepes
Sunday (Canada Day) came around and it was time to party. I started the day with some exercise as I knew I was going to be tossing back a lot of liquid calories later. I headed up to our local mountain trails and went for a rejuvenating 4km run. I made sure too really push myself as I predicted the next day my tolerance would probably be down. For breakfast we headed to a local breakfast/lunch place called Cora's. I had strawberry crepes in celebration of Canada Day (red & white). The plate came out and my boyfriend's eye went extremely large. Uh Oh... this crepe was HUGE! Luckily they make them whole wheat/buckwheat so I wasn't feeling too guilty. We hosted dinner at our condo before we walked over to the Golden Spike Days/Canada Day Festival. We had thought there was going to be fireworks but we were told (firmly.. lol) that there hasn't been fireworks for 10 years. Oops - oh well. Instead we came back to our condo with family and made a Canadian Classic Caesar! Yummy! I always have to ask my boyfriend to make one for me as mine just do not compare to his. Soon the dance party was happening and everyone wanted a turn at being the DJ. Great fun with the family. It was too bad that my mom couldn't make it due to having a cold that just won't hit the curb.
 Monday was another day to celebrate: I enrolled in school to become at health coach through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Now I'm on my way to have credentials to back up my natural passion for health and wellness. This is also one step closer to opening our Health Retreat - B&B one day. Celebrate!

How was your weekend? Any steps you took to get a little bit closer to your dreams?

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