Friday, 29 June 2012

Weekend Warm-Up : June 29

This weekend it's our long weekend here in Canada. It's Canada Day!
Happy Canada Day!

As you can see from the picture above... it's raining in Vancouver again. A look at the positive though, it's supposed to get sunny (and stay sunny) by next weekend. Finally!

There's a festival that goes on every year in our community called "Golden Spike Days" and we usually don't make it to it because of other obligations with family or friends' Canada Day parties. This year though we were all ready to head down to the festival and have a couple drinks and then walk back to our place to watch the fireworks from our patio. It looks like we will just have to throw our own little celebration inside and hopefully the weather is clear enough for us to still watch the fireworks from our patio. We are on the 18th floor so shouldn't be too much of a problem (crossing fingers!).

Any plans for the long weekend or just the normal weekend?

  • If it was hot out and I needed a Margarita, this Margarita would definitely do!

  • This isn't a new product from Nike but I'm itching to get it lately. Who doesn't love a game of tag too?!?

  • This Vlog from Gabrielle Bernstein really made me think this week. I pondered what I might be trying to control in my life. Let go and enjoy some surprises in life.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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