Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Look @ Positve Affirmations

Affirmation: the assertion that something exists or is true.

"What you believe is what you become"

Source: Love To B - Inspirational Design

Affirmations are a great way to control the thinking that goes on in your mind. To be in control of your thinking creates a better, positive surrounding for yourself. An affirmation is simply to make a statement that you believe with all your energy to be true. Affirmations can create a positive state of mind and keep you in the present moment. Affirmations can bring you courage, strength and empowerment. I choose to say my affirmations 3 times in my head as it feels more solid to me this way.

 I love to use affirmations while I am:

Going for my morning run: It's a great way to set the pace for the day.
  •  Example: "Today is filled with opportunity. Everywhere I look I can see it, and I trust my intuition to follow where it leads". Simple and meaningful: "I am Grateful for today!" or "Things always work out well for me".

Driving in my car anywhere: A nice reminder to stay alert and safe.
  • Example: I will arrive on time, safely and secure to my destination.

Eating: Helps to bring consciousness to what your eating and how you are eating.
  • Example: "I choose foods that are nutritious to my health" or "With every bite I take my body receives all the proper nutrients".

Working: A great way to help work run smoothly.
  • Example: "Fresh creative ideas are coming to me every day" or "I choose to give my best 100% of the time".

Exercising: Keeps you moving and motivates you to push yourself a little farther or harder.
  • Example: "I have an abundance of energy to exercise and feel healthy" and "I am getting stronger everyday".

Laying down before Bed: Creates a calmness and relaxation before you fall asleep.
  • Example: "I wake up each morning on time, refreshed and with energy, ready to begin the day" or "Everything in life happens with perfect timing".

Do you use affirmations? Are they daily or when you need that boost of confident, positive energy?



  1. These are great affirmations! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Sara!
      I hope you have an awesome weekend too!


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