Friday, 15 June 2012

This Weeks Wind-Up

Father's day this weekend. Happy Dad Day to all those fathers!

I actually don't have my dad in my life anymore and always take the time each year to think about how my mom took the responsibility of not only being my mom but being my dad to me too. Now being older I see how much she had to take on being a single parent. My grandfather has also been a great father figure to me and so "Happy Father's Day Gramps".

Father's day got me thinking about exercising with family. This morning on my way into work I saw a mother and daughter going for run and thought it was great. Last week I also saw a father taking his young daughter out for a run through the trails and was impressed that he was starting his daughter off on the right mentality towards exercise. I love exercising with my mom. It's a great way to interact while it benefits your health. Next time your family wants to meet up for coffee or food why not suggest going for a walk first or even grab a coffee and walk. It's amazing how easy conversation becomes while you are moving.

  • Mistakes you may be making in your fitness class

  • This pizza looks incredible for a summer time meal. It's made with whole wheat dough too.

  • New Blog Book is coming out by OhJoy!

 Have a wonderful weekend!


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