Monday, 25 June 2012

Top 10: Bucket List for the Summer of 2012

I don't want this summer to pass me by again! 

Weekend getaway to Napa Valley

So when I saw this post at Inspired Coast, I couldn't resist and had to do my own bucket list for the summer. So many times the Fall season hits me with a thud and I realize I didn't accomplish everything I had thought about doing only because I had forgotten about them. This time.. it's here on the blog for all to see if I've done it or not.

Last Updated on 07/31/12
So here is my Top 10: Bucket List for the Summer of 2012  :

  1. Kayak or Canoe in the Port Moody inlet and along the coast of downtown Vancouver. We are hoping to take the dog with us - cross your fingers please.
  2. Watch a movie at the Twilight Drive-In. It's one set price and you get 3 movies! Can't beat that.
  3. Taking a day for myself to really dive in to my photography. Start the day by watching some lessons and then head out to try them. CHECK
  4. Run 60 minutes every morning for 10 consecutive days. I'm currently doing 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. I want to bump it up.
  5. Travel (somewhere) for a long weekend. Vegas? Northern California? Osoyoos? Oregon? Ideas welcome.
  6. Start brushing up on my Spanish with my boyfriend. We are going to need to learn Spanish as it will be the main language where we want to have our Health Retreat - B&B.
  7. Start school becoming a Health Coach - big one for me! CHECK
  8. Watch the fireworks at English Bay - Vancouver's annual fireworks competition. CHECK
  9. Take a bike ride around Stanley Park
  10. Hike up the local mountain and have a picnic at the top.

Bring it on Summer! I'm ready for you this time.

Any plans for the summer?


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    1. Great bucket list Michelle! I should really write one of these myself. I think it's good to set goals to keep motivated! I love that your husband and yourself are thinking of teaching spanish at your retreat - I love spain, especially Barcelona which is one of my favourite cities in the world. I am sure I'd love vancouver too (not been yet) but I always notice it's on those 'top cities to live in' lists always and so are Sydney and Perth (Australia) which I have lived in and can say are awesome :) Have a lovely 4th July! xx


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