Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekend Summary : Fireworks and Rides

Hello lovely people!
This past Saturday was one of the busiest Saturdays I've had in a long time...

My BF and I started our exciting adventure by taking the bus to our local fairgrounds/amusement park called "Playland". The company I work for put on this event day in which they paid for our admission and had a BBQ inside the park. I've been to Playland many times but recently I've had no want to go. It's in much need of an upgrade. The last few times I went on the crickity old wooden roller coaster, I've walked off with bruises from being thrown around lol. We made the best of it and it was nice to see people from work out of the office.

After a couple hours at Playland we headed downtown Vancouver to watch the Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks. This is our annual fireworks display that is on a large barge right off the beach downtown. It's always a guranteed spectacular show put on. It runs on 3 different nights and each country in the competition has a night to display their talent. We got to see Vietnam. The fireworks go to music which you can tune into on the radio. On Saturday it attracted 300,000 people to the shores to watch.

Fitness Goals for the week:
  • I love this routine that FitSugar posted. I'm going to add these quick little routines to my cardio in the afternoon.
  • I'm also going to beat my time in running my 4k trail with my dog.
  • I'm going to do 3 sets of abs each day.

What is your fitness goal for this week?


  1. My fitness goal this week? To go for 5 days at the gym!! There it is! :) Let's do this :)

    Cathy Trails

  2. Awesome! How's it going so far? What do you usually tackle at the gym.. cardio, strength training or ??


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