Friday, 27 July 2012

Weekend Warm-Up : Olympics Time! London 2012

Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a great week. I just came back from an awesome 4k run with the dog this morning. I decided to take today off from "normal work" and have a day to myself. After my run I had a delicious Natural Vega Energizing smoothie filled with some banana slices, strawberries, almond milk, water and chia seeds. It hit the spot! Last night my BF made a delicious healthy salmon cake (recipe to come). It's very healthy and I have to say it's the best one I've ever tried.

Today is the start of the Olympics and I am super stoked to cheer on all the athletes. Seeing an Olympic event live is on my bucket list. I hope to watch a Summer Olympic event one day. We were lucky enough to have the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver back in 2010 and the vibe that swam through the city was the most thrilling feeling. Every person you met on the street had a smile on their face and excited to tell you their story. The pride that overflowed from Canadians and all countries was incredible to witness.

Cheers to all the athletes of 2012 and good luck! What a vigorous journey it must be to get to the Olympics and so overwhelming to finally to be there and compete.

My favourite finds of the week:

I'm a sucker for infographs and I love this one on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar to your health

Tomorrow we are heading to the beach to watch these Fireworks

Feeling the heat? Need to cool off? Cool off with Super Foods

I freaked out when I saw this recipe. A healthy alternative for my ice cream addiction.

One of my favourite photographers - amazing color

Have a wonderful weekend!

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