Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Fitness Love: Pilates for Your Abs

Mid-week and it's my Thursday. I have this Friday off and I'm going put it to good use. I'm thinking of doing lots of outdoor activities to take advantage of this sunshine that doesn't stay around here too long.

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 This week I've come across a couple articles and women who have inspired me to think about a "big goal" to tackle. I'm going to be completely honest with you : I've never made a huge fitness goal before. I've made goals to lose a couple pounds or get ready for a vacation. I've never REALLY pushed myself. I'm trying to think of something I can do that will motivate me to push it. In the mean time I'm on a mission to get my abs and body looking similar to Angi Greene's. The picture featured to the left is the image that inspired me this week. I know I can do this and have seen my body been close to looking like this before. To me she symbolizes health and strength.

I'm debating taking pictures to track my progress and be accountable. This also... I've never done. What do you guys think of the idea of me tracking my progress through photos?

To achieve these abs I've decided to make a couple changes to my diet. I was noticing that my body was taking too long to bounce back after having a drink (or maybe 2). My body was becoming too dehydrated and having to restart the whole process to get my body to feeling amazing was becoming stupid. I've decided to only have my "couple drinks" one day on the weekend, if I even do decide to have one. If I do decide to have a drink during the week I will only have a glass of red wine (soak in those antioxidants). I have already noticed a huge difference with not having that extra drink during the week.

I've also eliminated any diet pop from my diet. The truth comes out... I enjoyed having a diet pop every once in a while. No more for me. It's clean, lean and mean here now.

So on to abs and core talk... my favourite ab exercises that I've tried over the years is by far, Pilates or modified Pilates! It's incredible how quickly your body responds to the pilates moves for your core (power house).

I first learned Pilates core moves from a DVD I purchased. It was part of the "10 minute Solution" series. It was a great place to learn the basics and in a week I could notice a difference. I've adapted over the years adding a few different moves in my ABs Routine.

I'll share my more intense Pilates Ab Workout in another post.

My Top 3 Pilates Exercises for Your Abs/Core :

  1. The Criss Cross : Similar to doing a bicycle crunch but once you do 3 motions of the bicycle you hold your left elbow to your right knee and raise your straight left leg (with pointed toes) from the floor to above your hips (point toes to ceiling). Repeat for the other side.
  2. The Tummy Tuck: Starting from a plank position you bring your left knee to your right elbow across your body and return to plank. Repeat on the other side for 20 times (10 for each side).
  3. The 100: start with laying on the floor. Bring legs together and straight up to a 45 degree angle. With your arms beside your side, reach towards your feet with a 45 degree angle also. Bring your shoulders off the floor and head lifted up. Pump your arms up and down for a 100 times. You can do them in sets of 10 going with your breath.

 What ab exercise is a staple in your routine?

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