Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Daily Healthy Eating Plan - Does timing matter?

Did you ever wonder if eating certain foods at certain times made a difference in your diet?

A Colourful Salad for Lunch or Dinner (no added fats)

From my personal experience - it actually makes quite the difference. I find you can control weight, food cravings and your digestive system.

3 Tips for Your Meal Schedule in the Morning:
  1. A glass of warm water first thing in the morning before any other food or liquid helps your metabolism and digestive system get started.
  2. Eat your whole Fruits seperate from any other food (ie. fats, protein, etc.).
  3. Wait 2 hours after a fruit to eat any fats/protein

3 Tips for Your Meal Schedule in the Afternoon/Dinner:
  1. Try not to have any fruit after 12 (noon) so you can avoid spiking your sugar levels.
  2. Noon is a great time to have a whole grain carbohydrate. Try not to have carbs in the evening as it takes more for your body to burn them off.
  3. Have your last meal 2 hours before you go to bed - this helps with digestion and let's you mind be at ease when you do go to sleep (no more dreams keeping you up).

Have you come across any food timing tips that seem to work for you and your healthy diet?


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