Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Are You Living Up to Your Full Health Potential?

Now and again I ponder: am I living up to my full health potential?

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Am I doing everything in my capabilities to feel good about myself from the inside out?
It's good take a moment and re-evaluate your health and see if you are living up to the full potential you are capable of doing. Taking this time to consider your health gives you a chance to see where you can improve.

I know with my body that it is capable of looking a certain way. I am able to have a body that is fully toned and I am capable of working out for 80-100 minutes a day. Am I currently living up to my full potential? - No. This means for me, it's time to re-evalutate and see where I can get back on track and improve. I know how my mind feels when I am at my full health potential and it's amazing. Being at that point is in my control.

Everyday we make the decision on how we are going to feel. What you put in your mouth determines the way you feel. You may pick up that candy bar and feel great or you may feel guilty/terrible but only you know how it's going to make you feel about yourself. These are the decisions that come across your plate everyday. I know that working out more than 30 minutes a day makes me vibrant and transforms my body. Exercising creates a healthy mind for me where I am able to be present when choosing, cooking and eating my food. It is my choice to work out or not.

I'm going to choose to live up to my full health potential!

This is a typical day in my FHP plan:
  • 30 minutes of HIIT in the morning
  • 10 minutes of abs workout
  • Drink half my body weight in water
  • 2 green teas
  • Breakfast Smoothie (only fruit of the day)
  • Handful of nuts or a healthy grain
  • Lean mean green lunch (veggies & lean protein) or Omelet
  • Veggies with hummus dip
  • 60 minutes of running trails or playing tennis
  • Lean mean green dinner (fish and veggies)
  • Rest time (7 hours of sleep)
Now it's your turn: Are you living up to you FHP (Full Health Potential)? Where can you improve to be at that place where you know you are able to conquer the world?


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