Wednesday, 24 September 2014

When Should I Start an Organic Juice Cleanse?

Here at WildRoots we often receive several WildRoots Organic Juice Cleanse orders for a Monday start. Monday does often feel like the best option but it should really be based upon your schedule and your system.

We often recommend you start your cleanse when you will have more "down time" and are able to rest more than usual. I enjoy starting my 3 Day WildRoots organic juice cleanse on a Wednesday and then that way on Saturday I can start my healthy habits of cooking at home and making delicious vegetable filled meals. It also allows me to still enjoy all my exciting outdoor activities I have planned for the weekend! 

I wouldn't recommend starting your juice cleanse during a time when you know your stress levels will be higher than usual. Along with keeping your activity levels low, you should also keep your stress levels on the lower side. Your body needs the time & opportunity to naturally release all those built up toxins and build new healthy ones.  Also keep in mind that you should give your self at least a day before your cleanse to start eating clean and drinking more water.

We have found that doing an organic juice cleanse with a partner/friend always helps! You are able to compare your journey and lean on each other for support. 

When do you like conquering your organic juice cleanse? 
Tell us in the comments below if you have any helpful hints or tricks on how you choose a start date!

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