Friday, 28 March 2014

Where Have You Been? On a Food Truck!

So much has changed since the last time I checked in and I've been avoiding blogging because I had to keep this secret for quite a while. I just couldn't not hint at it if I came on here to chat with you all.

So here it is... We are opening up a Healthy Food Truck in our city, Port Moody!
It's called WildRoots Juice Bistro . Scott and I will serve cold pressed organic juices, smoothies, healthy salads, soups, wraps/sandwiches and other healthy snacks. We plan on opening at the end of April but most likely the beginning of May. You can follow adventure on Facebook or Twitter @WildRootsBC

This business idea has been in the background for about a year now. It's amazing to see it all come together and a dream coming true right in front of our eyes. Still at times I feel like it's not real and something is going to happen but then I remember nope... this is real! I love it! We bought the truck in February and it's currently being fabricated to fit our needs. At home we have been narrowing down our food choices/recipes and working on the different juices we will offer.

The "Before" Picture of our Healthy Food Truck
So why a healthy food truck? The idea for the food truck came to me more than a year ago when I noticed that our community was resorting to harmful unhealthy food because they just didn't have any other options when they were on the go. At the same time my mom was told she was at her limit for chemotherapy treatments and the next step was to try new pharmaceutical drugs from Europe. After listening to her tell me "Michelle, I will never give cancer a chance to live in my body again! I will never feed my body junk food again! There's no reason for anyone to have to go through this". I knew it was time to help spread the word about prevention of cancer and other diseases that we can control. I'm huge believer that we can heal and do our best to prevent disease with pure clean food. On the side of the truck I will put up daily health tips, tricks & "did you know...". Education is key!

I have also created a cleanse called "The WildRoots Juice Cleanse" and it was created to align with your 24hr Qi Cycle. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (and other ancient healing traditions in Asia) vital energy flows through the twelve organs and completes one cycle every twenty-four hours. Completing the activity, such as eating, at the right time, ensures that energy flows properly and the digestive system works at its best. Each juice is designed for a particular organ and part of your body, which should be focused on and cleansed. The cleanse is available for delivery around the Port Moody area before we open the truck.

In other news... We got married! :)

So that's what has been happening in my life lately.
How is everyone?

Holistic Health Coach

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