Friday, 21 September 2012

Weekend Warm-Up : Extended Summer

Here in Vancouver we are having an Indian Summer and supposedly it's lasting for another 60 days. Good news to me. I'm not a fan of the rain. Yes, I know, I live in Vancouver, rain city.

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 This week I started off with some slight back pain but thought I would push through it because I joined a new gym (Trevor Linden gym). Well it was really stupid on my part and I ended up hobbling around feeling like someone was constantly ringing out my spine like a wet towel. Ouch! So I dedicated some time to get rid of the pain instead of the gym. A little meditation and yoga hit the spot. My back pain is usually caused my an emotional blockage (ie.stress). Every time I try to convince myself that it's an actual physical injury and try to stretch and massage the heck out it. This method only equals complete failure. Once I calm down and realize it's stress I take the right steps. Stubborn Aries here!

This Saturday I'm heading to the car dealership. I'm thinking of getting a Ford Escape. The 2012, not the new 2013. The new one reminds me more of mini van. I've actually wanted an Escape for years and years but always ended up with something different. My car right now is incredibly non functional for me. Only 2 doors and does not have room for any dogs. It's also awful on gas so hopefully I say good bye to the nice car and hello Escape.

Lovely Links:
  • an update for your morning granola. Pumpkin Granola for the Fall season. Yum!
  • actual legit reasons to skip your gym session. Listen to your body.
  • i've mentioned having warm lemon water in the morning before and here are some more reasons why.
  • completely agree with this movie date tip. Maybe try it out this weekend?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I always push through pain too and usually, it ends up the same way - with me on a yoga mat or pressed up against a wall trying to breathe some of the tightness out! Have a great weekend!

    Alexandra xo

  2. I'm crying inside a little bit while reading this and it's almost freezing outside.

  3. hey girl!! i sure hope youre feeling better. def try to listen to your body to avoid injuries next time. lovely links!

  4. Thanks! Trust me, I will be listening loud and clear next time ;)


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