Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Healthy Weight: Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

I wish I could shop at the organic grocery store or farmers market every time but I can't so I've learnt how to make the best of it at the Supermarket.

fresh veggies from the market

Have you ever noticed that every grocery store (supermarket) is set up the same way? It's no coincidence. People have been paid to figure how our thinking works and lead us to parts of the store that are more profitable to them. Where do they make the most money? Middle isles and at the till. The problem for us is that these areas are the most unhealthy areas in the whole store.

Here are some tips on how to shop healthy at the grocery store:

  • Avoid middle isles: the middle isles contain products that can sit on the shelves for long amounts of time and almost everything has been processed (no real nutrients). This meaning the products have chemicals and preservatives so they don't rot. Chemicals don't belong in our bodies.
  • Keep it Fresh: The perimeter of the store will have fresh fruit & vegetables, fresh bread, meat, seafood and frozen products that have been frozen while still fresh. No this does not mean that the frozen pizza or microwave meal is good for you. I'm talking about the frozen peas, carrots etc.
  • Try to avoid going to the grocery store when hungry: I know oh too well that it leads to disaster - "I'll have one of these and one of those". Not only do you make unhealthy choices but you also spend unnecessary large amounts of money. Ever had a someone come back from the store with an extra 5 things that weren't on the list? I wonder why lol.
  • Be ready for the checkout: If you know you are extremely tempted by those pesky candy bars and gum then come prepared with a tiny bag of trail mix or carrots. I like to grab a magazine while waiting in line so I'm not staring directly at 30 different types of chocolate.
  • All Natural - Gluten Free - Sugar Free, etc.: Just because the label reads that it's free of something doesn't make it healthy. It can still be full of preservatives and still be highly processed. Make sure to read the label and try to buy boxed/canned products that only have 5 or less ingredients. Keep it real!

Where do you wish you could grocery shop?


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  1. Matkasse
    Nice tips here that how you can take the healthy food. I really like your post. Thanks for sharing this post.


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