Thursday, 22 November 2012

Beach Vacation & Christmas = Interesting Combo

It's finally time!

Time to take off to Varadero, Cuba. I won the trip about a month ago and at times I think time slowed down and crawled backwards but at the same time, I can't believe it's the end of November already.

Doesn't look to shabby to me?! - img via
We are leaving early Saturday morning and have a quick layover in Calgary. We should be getting into Cuba around 9pm, just in time to grab a drink at the bar. I've got to be honest, I never considered going to Cuba as I had heard from so many people how bland the food was. I never even spent a minute to investigate it on my own. Well ever since we won the trip I've been googling and flipping through pictures of Varadero. People!! Why didn't you tell me they had gorgeous beaches?! Food, who cares about food when you have gorgeous white sand beach and crystal blue ocean waves sparkling at you. All I need is a drink in hand and I'm good. Jeeeez.

I'll definitely be reporting back on my opinion of Cuba compared to other Carribean destinations. I've heard that the people are quite charming and nice like in Dominican Republic. Sweet news to my ears.

We get back into Vancouver on December 2nd. It's going to be strange going from pretty much no Christmas activity in our town to boom, Christmas season galore. I'm excited to start decorating our place. It's our first year in our new condo and our first Christmas living together. Our place is far too tiny to have a fake or real tree so I've scanning the web and Pinterest (of course) trying to find some alternatives. Any ideas anyone?

A little Christmas tree this year - img via
I've been having a craving for pomegranate's this past couple weeks and gave in the other day and bought Scott and I a big one. I couldn't believe that it cost $5.00 just for one but I just had to get my fix. I haven't been having any sugar treats so this was going to be my splurge treat. I tried out the under water method of opening it up. It works so well! It was alot easier then tearing at it while all the pomegranate juice squirts on your hands, eyes and clothes. Come December I'm going to try creating a Pomegranate Martini. Any recipes you could suggest??

A simple pomegranate martini - know of any great recipes? - img via

Well folks, until December....
Have a great holiday Thanksgiving and talk to you soon. xo



  1. So awesome that you are going to CUBA!! My husband would be jealous! He wants to go there so bad!! One of these days!! :) I just have to get my Italian citizenship (he has one and I am married to him so I can get it one of these days) so we can go. How in the world did you get to go. Where do you live!? We aren't allowed since we are in the US. Anyway, enjoy and I can't wait to see pictures!! p.s. I LOVE cuban food. Black beans, rice, garlic chicken, plantains. mmmmm

  2. happy times Michelle! you are finally there now and i'm sure living every moment pinching yourself as to how incredibly awesome it is to be in such beautiful surroundings! can't wait to see how it went when you return home.

    oh and on the xmas tip. if you're wanting to do something repping a tree but still keeping things tight i'd recommend to add some pretty tinsel strands around the bottom of planters. my fave blogger Katrina inspired me last year when she posted this:

    good lucks and yummy pomegranate martini cheers too!

  3. Lucky you!! Have a fantastic trip and have a extra drink for me:)

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