Sunday, 21 April 2013

Health Product Review : Vega One Bar

I've been meaning to post this review of the Vega One Bar for a couple weeks now but I have been super busy and running around. This ties into why the Vega One Bar is so awesome - it's perfect for on the go!

I always love a good protein smoothie when I'm in need of nutrition after a good workout or just looking for a delicious meal replacement. There are times though that I don't feel like packing around my smoothie cup or I know I won't be heading home after for a fresh smoothie. I had been looking for a good nutrition bar that would actually be nutritious, plant based and at the same time taste good. I had been trying lots of them out but I found a majority of them had lots of preservatives, contained whey protein (I'm not a fan) or just plain simple didn't taste good.  To my lovely surprise one morning I had a glorious newsletter from Vega sitting in my inbox reading, "Introducing the new Vega All In One Bar"!

Jackpot!! No more searching! I was crossing my fingers, hoping that it tastes good because it lined up with all my other requirements. The results were in: OMG they taste good! So good that when I was running out the door and grabbed one I would forget to take a picture for you all. I'd get in the car and open it up and my fiance would be sitting next to me wanting a bite of it. Haha no sharing here (sorry babe). I've purchased many more since my first taste. Today I went to grab one from our local gluten free & vegan bistro - Chomp Vegan Eatery, to show you all a "live picture" and they we're sold out. The owner said they just can't keep them in stock. Now you know it's a good nutrition bar when you can't keep them stocked.

It's everything you love about a Vega One Nutrition shake now in a sumptuous, on-the-go bar. Yes, clean, plant-based nutrition. And guess what?! - It's dipped in chocolate! I loved that it was a thick coating of chocolate but just a nice "dipped ice cream cone" type covering. There are currently 3 flavours: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry, and Chocolate Almond. All were amazing and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the cherry flavour as I'm ususally not a cherry fan. It had nice plump chunks of cherry bites throughout the bar. This bar leaves you feeling satisfied and feeling good as it's also gluten free.

Want the facts?

       15 g protein
       6 g fibre, 24% daily intake
       1.5 g omega 3
       1 billion probiotics culture
       1 servings of greens

If you are looking for more information or to buy the Vega One Bar online : Click Here


Certified Holistic Health Coach

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